Geoffrey Pyatt on «V»: There are forces that do not want the IGB to succed

«We have been focused on Alexandroupolis for many years, you have seen the economic and psychological transformation as a result of our enhanced presence there. We are very satisfied with the management of the port, in the third year of success, mainly due to the presence of the American army.»

This was stated in «Viadiplomacy» by the American Ambassador in Athens, Geoffrey Payat, while he stated that, «we will have a big arrival in Alexandroupolis in November, it will be the largest number of planes and helicopters we have ever brought through the port of Alexandroupolis. You see that we are moving stronger and stronger»

«In summer there were two ships for the first time, it was the first time the railway was used, and it was the first time we raised a tank on a ship. It is like the Olympic Games, we are raising the bar higher and higher», he added.

There are forces that do not want  the IGB to succed

Geoffrey Payat referred to the speech made by the American Ambassador to Sofia (Bulgaria), Herro Mustafa, at the 5th Southeast Europe Energy Forum 2021. «Russia is already creating problems. «You heard Herro Mustafa talk about the IGB, and it is clear that there are forces in Bulgaria that do not want the IGB to succeed.» he stressed.

Herro Mustafa at the  5th Southeast Europe Energy Forum 2021 told him that «energy security is also national security. If Bulgaria manages to diversify its energy sources, this means a stronger Bulgaria, a much stronger region. The IGB is the most important thing we can do in the coming months for the region “, as” it is very important for the diversification of energy sources and its independence from Russia .»

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