US State Dept spokesperson: Pompeo visit to Greece highlights importance of bilateral relationship

The visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Greece this week highlights the importance of Greek-American relations, State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) in an interview published Thursday.

Ortagus said that it was unusual for Pompeo to travel to the same country twice in the same year, as he has to cover all other countries. 
The United States’ long-standing relations extend beyond diplomacy, the economy and the armed forces to society, she said, referring in particular to Greek-Americans, Greek food and films that have become part of the American culture. 

Speaking of US relations with both Greece and Turkey, Ortagus said that when two American allies who are NATO members clash, no side wins fully, but Russia does. For this, the US is working hard with Greece and Turkey, Germany and NATO and support dialogue between Greece and Turkey and there was strong pressure levelled on both sides to meet at a negotiating table, she stressed, because these issues will never be resolved in any other way.

The United States is committed to being close friends and partners with Greece, and will also continue to be partners with Turkey and will mediate between the two, she asserted.

ViaDiplomacy Newsroom