New provocative move by Ankara undermines PM Tsipras’ visit to Turkey, ND’s Koumoutsakos says

«After the barrage of Turkish violations of Greece’s national air space and the extremely problematic statements made by the representative of the Turkish Presidency on Monday, Ankara has proceeded with yet another provocative move that undermines Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ visit to Turkey before it has started,» main opposition New Democracy shadow foreign minister George Koumoutsakos stated on Tuesday.
When Turkey on Tuesday put a bounty for the eight Turkish servicemen that fled to Greece, Koumoutsakos noted, it blatantly ignored the court rulings of independent Greek justice that offered the eight political asylum.
«Unfortunately we are proven right very quickly. This visit is ill prepared on the Greek side and promises only bad omens for Greek interests and Greek-Turkish relations. The government is assuming a huge national responsibility,» said Koumoutsakos.

Via Diplomacy