In the turning point of the international history, Greece is an example for the world and the USA is going to highlight it

«We are at a turning point in the history of the world . We are called to choose between two theories: On the one hand we have the common view, to promote democracy, the state of justice, the human rights, we respect the human being and this allows the  existence  of free societies. On the other hand there is the authoritarian and  dictatorial view that oppresses citizens and ultimately undermines the state of justice and legality in the sea as well».

The above was stated by the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the USA Senate, Robert Menendez on their common statements with Nikos Dendias at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The same day at the opening event of the Forum «Greece  in 2040», organized by the Commission «Greece 2021» , in his speech the American Senator noted that Greece played an important role in the first steps of the establishment of democracy in the USA emphasizing that the ideas of the ancient Greek wise people about democracy and the state of justice inspired the  American  pioneers to proceed to the declaration of the American Independence while the American Senator emphasized, «the international order which is   based on specific rules and common ideals such as democracy, the human rights, the  free and fair competition, and which brought prosperity, peace and progress after World War II is threatened by new forces undermining these values. These new powers are China and Russia»

The above reports by Senator Menendez prove another important role of Greece beyond Geopolitics and Geoeconomics. From all USA  allies in the wider region, the only country that can coexist with values with which  the USA  applies politics, is Greece since the Democracy and the Constitution  are  pillars of stability. Albania is an equally important country for the USA, Turkey, Bulgaria, Skopje, Montenegro, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and further north, Poland, these are countries that in many cases come contrary to the  USA principles and values.

Violation of human rights, doubtful regimes, corruption, drug barons are «weapons» in the hands of Washington’s competitors and security threats. A typical example is Albania where Americans and Europeans, along with a blackmailed by Baroness, Iranians, Turkish and Russian political elite, try to put it country in a regularity.

In Greece, on the other hand, the Americans and the other allies, have a field of action that allows them to focus exclusively in the common interest, within a stable political system and a society that strongly resists “attacks” from third countries and internal partners .

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